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Sheer White!® professional teeth whitening strips mold perfectly to the teeth, stay in place and become almost invisible. They’re comfortable to wear during any activity and cause little-to-no-sensitivity.

affordable, professional teeth whitening

Sheer White!® patented non-slip whitening strips deliver a powerful teeth whitening solution that is fast, effective, and fits into your busy life. Sheer White! is a wallet friendly option compared with other professional whitening products. Custom trays and gels are often too expensive for and take too much time for everyone to get a professional whitening experience. You will love your whiter smile as much as you will love saving time and money.

whiten anytime, anywhere

The Sheer White!® strip system combines clinical strength and reduced sensitivity in a product you can only get from a trusted dental professional. The strips are easy to apply and once they are on, they become almost invisible so you can carry on with your busy schedule. Wear Sheer White in your daily routine at the office, the gym or where ever your day takes you. You can talk and drink while wearing so that whitening with Sheer White! fits into your life!

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about Sheer White!

(look closely) Sheer White! is barely visible →

Sheer White! In-Office

The Sheer White!® strip system is made up of 2 parts, In-Office and Take-Home strips. Sheer White! In-Office is a powerful 20% hydrogen peroxide formula, capable of giving you up to 3 shades whiter in just 30 minutes of wear-time. Simply ask your dentist to apply Sheer White! In-Office at the end of any appointment, it only takes 1-minute to apply and is effective with minimal sensitivity. For best results, combine with a Sheer White! Take Home Kit.

Sheer White! Take-Home

The Sheer White! Take-Home Kit consists of a quantity of ten 20% carbamide peroxide formula strips for a 5-day whitening treatment, capable of results up to 5 shades. Our non-slip go- anywhere strip offers an effective whitening with little-to-no sensitivity that you can wear anytime, anywhere. Ask your dentist about Sheer White! and how you can leave any dental appointment with your own take-home kit.

how do the Sheer White! strips work?

Apply the active surface to the teeth. Position the top of the strip where the teeth and gums meet. Make sure all visible tooth surfaces are covered by the strip.

Remove the strip from the tray. Remove the release liner from the strip. The active gels the side that was touching the release liner.
Center film and place againstteeth at gum line.
Fold film to back side of teeth. Press firmly on all surfaces. This ensures proper placement for a secure no-slip fit.
Wear 1-2 Hours. Removal prior to one hour may result in films coming off in pieces. Rinse with warm water before removal.
To remove, grasp one corner and pull down away from front of teeth, then push film away from back of teeth.
Brush or rinse away any remaining gel. Rinse to sink.