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Sheer White!® professional teeth whitening strips mold perfectly to the teeth, stay in place and become almost invisible. They’re comfortable to wear during any activity and cause little-to-no-sensitivity.






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Sheer White!® is a professional teeth whitening system that is only available from your dentist. The patented non-slip whitening strips deliver a powerful teeth whitening solution that is fast, and effective. This whitening combines clinical strength and reduced sensitivity and fits into your busy life. Wear Sheer White! in your daily routine at the office, the gym, or wherever your day takes you.


Compared with other professional whitening products, Sheer White! is a more affordable option. Custom trays and gels are often more expensive and a full whitening appointment takes too much time for everyone to get a professional whitening experience. With Sheer White! Strips, you will love your whiter smile as much as you will love saving time and money.

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